Japanese FDC Maximum Cards & Stamps for Sale

All cards produced by the Quasi-Official Japan Stamp Publicity Association


Unless otherwise noted, each card (card set)  is sold with:

  1. The Card or Card Set (Sometimes 2 o 3 three cards in the set)
  2. One copy of the mint stamp(s)
  3. One copy of the specimen stamp(s) (mihon)

Note: Pictures of the stamp and mihon are not always shown with the card, but if you wish to see a scan of a particular one that is not shown, please ask.

  • All Prices are in US Dollars
  • Minimum Order USD $20.00. See “Terms & Condition” for Discounts
  • Some have mihon (specimen) included free
  • Shipping is Free to US and Canadian destinations with a minimum order of $20.00
  • Shipping to all other destinations is actual shipping charges and will be added before stamps are shipped.