Build Your Own Album Pages

The biggest reason for preparing you own album pages is that you make the page fit your material, instead of making your material adjust to a pre-defined space on a page.

  • The first and most obvious reason is that material you have or find does not fit a traditional album page designed for an individual stamp without margins or marginal inscriptions. Don’t tear off those marginal inscriptions or color bars.  Make your page allow for them.
  • You may find covers or maximum cards that you want to show with the stamps.
  • Se-tenant stamps present a problem.  Do you tear the stamps apart or,  if you keep the stamps together, they no longer fit into the spaces provided.  Don’t tear apart se-tenant stamps to make them fit a album page.  Don’t worry about whether the se-tenant is vertical or horizontal or one of each as on the page here.  When you make your own page, you make your page fit the material you have.
  • Used stamps on piece with an interesting cancel don’t fit the spaces provided.
  • As a bonus, if you can’t afford that very expensive or elusive item, you don’t highlight the problem by displaying a blank space.

If your purpose is to keep stamps safe and not to display them, then keep them in a stock page where size doesn’t matter as much.




Results Obtained

From the Collection of Richard L. Hale