Tiger from “Dragon and Tiger” by Gaho HASHIMOTO



About This Site:

The site is about Lois and Richard and their passions. Lois and Richard met when they were both in their 80’s and both had lost long-term soul mates and partners.

  • Richard is a pastor who in his younger years was a missionary is New Guinea. Most recently he is retired from his church in North Hollywood where he was Pastor Dick and is now Pastor Emeritus.
  • Lois is a philatelist who specialized in the stamps of early Japan. Since Lois is the web site designer most of this site will be about her and philately.


  • In her younger years, she was an officer of the American Philatelic Society, the American Philatelic Research Library , and the International Society for Japanese Philately, and is a life member or honorary member of these organizations. In the late 60’s -early 70’s she was the librarian for The American Philatelic Research Library.
  • She has been President of several local stamp clubs.
  • She is a published author with her most articles published in Japanese Philately, but on occasions in The American Philatelist. The subject of her articles was usually about how to identify Japanese Forgeries.¬† But she is also the author of an original research study in 1968 about the genuine plate varieties of Japanese Stamped Envelopes published in Japanese Philately.

In retirement, she limits her philatelic pursuits to:

  • ¬†Maintaining the website of her exhibit collection which was sold in 2011 by Dynasty Auction in Hong Kong.
  • Treasurer and Secretary to the Jury for SESCAL (Stamp Exhibition of Southern California)
  • Director and webmaster for the International Society for Japanese Philately
  • Expert of the Dragons, Cherrry blossom and Koban stamps of Japan for:
    • Mini service for the ISJP
    • Identifying common forgeries from scanned images for ISJP members.
    • Japan for the APS
  • Selling the remains of her collections on this website.